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FEmale corporate leaders:

are you ready to live life on your terms but are unwilling to risk your career?

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Master the 1 Rule In Your Career

to Live Life On Your Terms

Are You A Business Owner Who is Ready to Feel Both Successful and Free?

You started your business because you wanted to live by your own rules, but now you’re unsure of which rules you can change and which rules you must follow to have a successful business.  Did you know that we have business owner programs to support you in every phase of the business life cycle? 

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As a female executive, are you living by your definition of success or someone else’s?

Could it be that your current definition is one of the reasons you are afraid to live more and work less?  

Hi! I’m Katrina Jamison.

As the founder of the Legend Leaders community, I know how it feels to want to live life on your terms and yet be completely unsure of how to accomplish that.  In one moment you’re asking yourself, “Is this all there is to life?”  and in the next moment you’re saying, “But I can’t risk my career/business just to selfishly feel free!”  Because you’re unsure of which rules must stay intact and which rules can change, you end up changing nothing.  You rationalize, “It’s better to be a bit unhappy than to feel like my livelihood is at risk.” But what if you could learn and master the one rule that keeps your livelihood secure so that you can then live life on your terms?  You deserve both security and freedom!



Success should be an open book test.

You are sacrificing family dinners, vacation time, and holidays. You are achieving in your career/business, but it never feels like it’s enough. You want to find the balance.  You want to stop working all of the time. You want to feel secure and confident.  But the reality is that you don’t.  You keep telling yourself that it’s just one more baseball game, it’s just one more parent-teacher conference, it’s just one more date night that you have to miss. You tell yourself that you are so close to solving this problem and that once you have the solution, THEN you will live!

But here’s the reality . . . it doesn’t work that way. I know because it took me 5 years of soul searching, missing family events, snapping at my kids for “interrupting” a work call, and constantly being asked “why can’t you just be happy with what you have” to find the solution.

By bypassing the mistakes and avoiding common pitfalls, we at Legend Leaders will put you back in control.  We will arm you with the strategies you need to master the one rule of career/business success so you can create and live a Legend Life on your terms.

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