Don’t allow cowardly “leadership” to exist in your company! Have you ever worked for a supervisor or observed a peer who lead from a cowardly position? It’s not true leadership is it? Having a person who avoids tough conversations or praises everything or even says yes to everything is beyond frustrating. Ron Carucci in his book “How To Work for a Cowardly Boss” calls out how to address these behaviors and I agree, having worked under a cowardly supervisor in my career. We have to role model the behaviors we want to see in others and be direct about what we want and need. Ultimately, if we allow the behavior to continue, we could create a culture of cowardly “leadership,” which will cause us to lose our best talent. Reflect today on yourself and your team. Do you or does anyone you know lead like a cowardly supervisor? If yes, take action to change the behavior and adjust any negative impacts to the culture that may have happened as a result.