During this time of change and uncertainty, be kind to yourself. Whether you have a business that is directly serving patients right now, a business that is having to change and adjust in this new environment, or you can simply do your day job at home, give yourself permission to take care of yourself. During times of significant change, most of us try to fall back on what we know, something “normal.” For most of us, because our homes are different with the kids out of school, or our spouses working from home, or simply the fact that we are working in our homes more than we ever have, for some or for all of those reasons, we tend to pour ourselves into our work because it is known, it is comfortable, it is safe, and we can feel accomplished when we focus on that area of our lives. While work may be all of those things (known, comfortable, safe, and accomplished), it can also be draining. Remember to take care of yourself and be kind to yourself. Find ways to unplug and step away from work or your business.