Are you aware of what may be impacting your personal brand? When we are placed in new situations, new environments, naturally we start to change as people, leaders, and business owners.  The emotions we feel and the actions we believe we need to take in this “new world,” can cause us to change who we are and what we show the world.  My challenge to you is to be aware of what is impacting your personal brand.  

We have talked in previous episodes about your personal brand influencing and essentially dictating your business brand.  Through these unprecedented times of change, where we all feel those human emotions of fear, anger, frustration, grief, etc., some of those emotions could start to become part of your personal brand.  My challenge for you is not to prevent a change to your personal brand but to simply be aware that changes to your brand could be occurring, then decide if you want those changes or not. Once you make those decisions, you then also have to decide if you want that to translate into your business brand.