Unplugging to Create Quality Time: About a month ago, I put this topic on the calendar to discuss today. Today’s topic was supposed to be “unplugging on vacations.” It’s spring break season, the time we all typically try to take some time off and enjoy time away with family/friends away from work. Little did I know the changes that would take place in the last 4 weeks.

Instead of talking about unplugging on vacation, this episode is focused on finding quality time with your family/friends/loved ones during this period of social distancing. Focus on finding gratitude instead of frustration or aggravation. For me, I am grateful for our evening walks, where I put the phone down, unplug, and spend time with my spouse and kids. I would have most likely not taken those walks if we weren’t in our present state. I wouldn’t have prioritized quality time on a daily basis with my family, sad but true. So I am choosing to be grateful of unplugging and creating quality time during this time of chaos. How are you unplugging and creating your own daily quality time?