This episode focuses on the idea of regaining control.  Right now it may feel like you have survived a sudden avalanche of change, only to be on a stormy sea, unsure of where or how to navigate.  It is time for you to focus on regaining control.  

To do that, first, figure out where you want your business to go and what needs to happen.  Explain the why’s to your team (even if they are obvious), explain what they will be doing, and then teach them how you want it done.

Next, start to create playbooks.  Playbooks are great for situations that could occasionally arise in your business but are not day to day operations that you would create an SOP to support.  Remote work, temporary initiatives, weather-related actions, these are all topics that would fit in a playbook.

So instead of feeling like you are out of control right now, start to document what you are working on, how your teams are functioning, what’s working well, what isn’t, etc.  Learn from what you are doing today so you can quickly keep the activities that are going well and eliminate those that aren’t moving you forward.