Don’t give up, lean in and push forward! Under the shelter in place orders, it can be very easy to start letting each day feel like a “Saturday.” You know, those days that we wake up when we want, spend time with family, cook breakfast, eventually get to our emails, etc. When our habits no longer have to be “habits,” how do you push forward to stay productive?I’m going to challenge you to do 3 things today.

First, keep your morning routine! You need it, not because it was the only time you had to yourself. But because you know how powerful it is in helping you start your day correctly. A good morning routine helps you take care of you and gets you in the right state of mind to seize the day. And you need to seize the day!

Second, I want you to lean into your business. If you have a product that isn’t yet ready to sell, that’s ok. Spend this time getting it ready. We will be back to a more “typical” way of life soon. Your product or service will be needed. Don’t waste this time that you could be using to have your offer ready when that day comes. If you product or offer is ready, get it out there! What are you waiting for? We all want a sense of normalcy back in our lives. How can your service or product help people get ready for that day?

Third, don’t give up! It can feel like your business simply isn’t a good venture in today’s world. I get it. I went through that same emotion last night when my second sample of Determined bags arrived on my doorstep. But we have to remind ourselves, that we are sheltering to allow a virus to pass; to keep ourselves healthy and those around us healthy. Once we have taken care of ourselves and our neighbors, we will be moving about in our communities again. Knowing that, how will you come out of this pandemic with something you can offer the world, to help the world, to help your customer?