It is that time of the year, your first quarter assessment to determine how you are performing. So, sit down, grab your finances, grab your business metrics, a cup of coffee, tea, maybe a kombucha if you are so inclined, and start analyzing!

I have been around so many business owners in my career and the sad truth, is that many of them simply are unaware of WHY they are performing like they are. Remember, delivering to the target or missing, both are cause for analysis. You either want to replicate the performance or change it, right? But how will you know if you don’t understand WHY you are where you are today? You can’t.

So today’s challenge is to sit down assess your first quarter in detail. Celebrate the successes!! Put plans in place to adjust for the misses, and keep pushing forward. I can’t wait to celebrate you at the end of FY20 because of how amazing your business has performed!