The world needs us to continue to be different, or as Steve Jobs said, one of the crazy ones.

Believe it or not, the world still needs that. As I was thinking about yesterday’s episode around hustling, I realized it’s not just hustling we need to deliver on right now, it’s the challenge we have all accepted and must continue to accept. The challenge of being different. Because we have to be different! Our “difference” is what makes us the business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs that we are. It’s the “being different” that helps us solve the problems the world needs us to solve. So today, be proud of being different! In this world, a world that is telling us we must all do the same things to stay safe, please stay safe and keep yourself and others safe; but don’t stop thinking differently!

Decide how “being different” will help you make the world better as we continue to move through the changes around us. Don’t conform your innovative thinking as you conform your actions; be different. Be a thought leader, such that when you can take different actions, the ideas and the strategies have been developed.