What is the difference between preparation versus action? I am seeing a ton of social media posts about people establishing side hustles right now. Are you seeing the same?

The challenge for all of us is to be productive during this social distancing period. And while I want us all to be productive, the fact is, many people simply wont be. Now, no doubt your first thought when you read that was “they will sit around watching Netflix and they just won’t do anything.” My opinion is that they won’t be productive because they do not prepare to be productive.

Abraham Lincoln said: “If I had 8 hours to chop down a tree, l would spend the first 6 sharpening my ax.” Most people do not spend 3/4 of their allotted time preparing for the action. So many of us getting focused on the 1/4 that’s left, the action. “I have to go, I have to push, I have to do.” I’m sure those are some fo the thoughts you have when you think about achieving a task or milestone, right?

Yes, we do have to take action in the end. But most people forget about the proper prep work required to start a new business or a new line in your business. In today’s episode I give several examples of why we must prepare before we blindly jump to action. This is one of the ways I use the AIR2 Framework, to ensure I properly prepare so the action is the correct action.

My challenge for you today is to assess yourself, are you spending the first 6 hours selecting the right tools and preparing them for the work? Then, are you spending the last 2 hours taking action and accomplishing the work at hand?