Today is the second day in a mini-series of 3, focused on the three keys to building a successful brand; today’s topic is team. 

Robert Kiyosaki says that business is like a test you took in school, that tests were given to you to take alone. He says business is the same way, full of tests. Except in business, if you have a team, you can take the test together. Did you realize that?!  Let that sink in for a minute.  As entrepreneurs, we do everything ourselves because we are it, the only one in the business.  When you have a team, the efforts, the knowledge, the skills, the experiences get pulled together to pass those tests and therefore the likelihood of passing that test increases exponentially.  When you think about it that way, why wouldn’t you want a team to help your business be successful? 

Now, teams can be created in two ways:

1. Hire other companies to help with business functions like taxes, payroll, and bookkeeping (things that must get done in the business but are not your “gift.”). 

2. Hire people to work directly for your business to do the functions needed to provide the service/product for your customer. (Remembering the previous podcast episodes that those you hire do represent your brand so you need to hire for values over skills.) 

You can do both of these. Most people only see a “business team” as option 2, hiring directly within their business. But once you realize your team is made up of both groups of people, it allows you to realize you can take the “business tests” together and be successful. I know my team right now is made up of primarily of option 1, other companies supporting me. I love it because the work gets done, there is an expertise there I can count on, and I can confidently move Legend forward because I have this team in place. 

Your challenge today is to determine if you already have a team, and celebrate that if you do. Maybe you’re not giving yourself enough credit for the fact that you do have a team based on option 1!  If you do not have a team and you are still going at this from an entrepreneurial perspective, decide if you want to stay an entrepreneur or if you want to create a business.  If you want to create a business, the next step is to decide how to create a team to help you create your business brand and move you forward.  Who are some “who’s” you can hire that know the “how” so you can focus on your gift?  Create your list of companies and start using their services to move. your business, and therefore your brand, forward.