In this last episode of the 3-part series: three keys to building a successful brand, today’s episode is centered on leadership. No doubt you saw this one coming, but you may be surprised by the 3 pieces of leadership Robert Kiyosaki shares that are required to help build your brand.

The first piece of leadership is being visionary. We have talked about this one in the past, so this piece probably isn’t much of a surprise to you. Inherently you probably already have a vision for your business. You know where you want to go, where you want your business to be in 5 years, 10 years, etc. Our responsibility as leaders is to be visionary and to share that vision with our team. Are you sharing your vision with your team?

The second aspect of leadership is being a cheerleader. To me, this one was a no brainer as well. Of course we need to cheer on and encourage our team. If they receive praise, they understand what good performance looks like versus bad performance. They understand the behaviors you want them to model in order to be seen as a successful employee in your business. Praise, encouragement, and cheerleading help our teams perform correctly, perform well, and it propels them forward. Are you doing this regularly?

Now, the third role that a leader must play within their team is being a pitbull. And yes, this is the one that got me. I had to read that one twice as I read Robert’s article. But when I digested it, it made sense. I knew the concept, but hadn’t named it as aptly as he has. So what is it? Robert Kiyosaki says we as leaders have to be pitbulls when it comes to keeping our teams focused on the the mission. We cannot allow our teams to get distracted by other issues.

As you move forward throughout the day today, your challenge is to think about your leadership through the lens of building your brand. Do you display this combination of leadership at a high level? Are there one or more pieces you need to be more purposeful about in your leadership? (For me, now that it has been named, I am going to be more of a pitbull about keeping my team focused. I do this already, but maybe not as aggressively as I should have been. Digesting this information has given me permission to be appropriately aggressive.) Spend the time today to self-reflect, create a plan on where you will focus more of your efforts and energy, and move forward being a stronger leader in these 3 areas in order to build your brand.