You’re only people away from your next objective. I listened to a webinar yesterday by Casey Graham, the CEO of Gravy and this is one of the comments he made. He was talking about 7 moves to make in order to create a valuable company. There were tons of amazing nuggets he shared in that webinar, but what keeps going around in my mind was his focus on people, and that’s what I am sharing with you today.

In creating your company, the goal is to hire such that you are no longer needed in your business. While that may be hard to grasp, it’s true. We all want to have the choice to step away from our business, even if it’s just one week a month to focus on family or simply to unplug. But if you don’t set your business up so that you can do that, you will be tied to the day-to-day without a choice. So how do you solve that and gain that freedom? People.

You need to hire people who can take care of the problems that may exist in your business. If you have hired people on your team already, and problems exist, you haven’t hired the right people. Let that one sink in!

Focus on hiring leaders, not managers. Casey said leaders create momentum while managers solve problems. You don’t just need problems solved, you need problems solved and the business moved forward. So, have you hired the right people or do you have you created your hiring process to force you to hire people with the right mindset and skillset?

When you do hire, hire for your weaknesses and then for your own strengths. How can you pull yourself out of your business if you are the only person who can do certain functions? You can’t, right?

My challenge for you today is to create your hiring strategy with this new perspective. What should your hiring process, your flow, or your strategy be around hiring? If you have already started hiring and building your team, go back and look at your strategy and make adjustments as needed. If you are fully staffed right now, ask yourself if you have hired the right people.