When remote work turns into procrastination: In yesterday’s episode, I challenged you to assess your team; however, I realized last night that I didn’t share with you a third performance level you could be encountering. Procrastination.

While you probably have the majority of your team delivering in their zone or approaching burnout, a small group of people may fall into the “procrastination” camp. Said differently, you may have someone on your team that has become so excited about working from home and creating an amazing self-care routine, that they actually aren’t getting to the “work” part of their day. In today’s episode, I talk about the behaviors those individuals will be displayed to help you identify that level of performance. I also give you some examples of how to have conversations with your procrastinators to identify the root cause reason and get them back on track. Helping those people by establishing communication expectations, clear deadlines, and using their calendars will help them deliver to your expectations.

Your challenge today is the same as yesterday’s, assess your team. Determine where you’re people are performing: their zone, approaching burnout, or procrastination. Once you identify where they are, you can support them in getting them to their zone and keeping them there.