With the changes in the economy and job market, many people are trying to learn how to successfully start a new business. These new entrepreneurs, and maybe you are one of them, have had dreams of creating a business but never the courage. However, with the changes in the world today, many people are taking the leap. I am seeing this happen firsthand with some of the individuals I interact with within my circle.

As I am watching them get started on their business journey, I am seeing frustration abound. In this episode, I wanted to share with you the two reasons why the frustration exists and the two steps to take to overcome it.

The first reason I see people getting frustrated is that very quickly they are getting overwhelmed with all of the work. They have a great idea but then come to realize that there is so much more to a business than a good idea. The second is that the time from business creation to living the life they envisioned is also taking much longer than expected. Either or both of these situations can make someone give up on their dream, right? So how do you overcome these feelings to be successful?

The answer is: you map your flow. Yes, as crazy as that sounds you use the AIR2 Framework.

  1. Map your vision. You may want to travel the world and speak in large venues. But you’re not going to start there. So what are the steps you need to take to grow your business, to grow your following, to build trust in the community of people you are serving in order to get you to a place where you are traveling and speaking at large venues? Map out the large steps in your business to get to that step, and maybe that large venue step is step 4 in your overall plan. It may take you 3 other major steps in your business growth to get to step 4. However, the point here is that when you can see it when you can see your pathway, you can be excited about it and you then give the stepping stones of steps 1-3 value in your mind. You don’t have to be frustrated, you are still excited because you can see you are still on the path to step 4 “large venues.”
  2. Once you determine what step 1 is to get you to step 4 of your vision, you need to map every single detail within step 1. You have to boil the actions down to the simplest steps. If it’s simple, you can do it. Execution is where you want to be. So map out every single process, action, and event starting with where the customer enters your world of business until they exit. Once you have this map, you boil every step down to its simplest form, you now have a clear map of what you need to do in step 1 of your vision to be successful. Now with this action, there is no barrier preventing you from achieving step 1 of your vision.

My challenge for you today is to create your flow maps of your vision and the step you are currently working on within that vision. If this is your dream, spend the time creating your plan to ensure your success!