What is your recovery game plan? As various states and the nation as a whole start to reopen, what is your strategy for your business? How are you going to “reopen?” During the stay-at-home orders we have experienced, your business has naturally fallen into one of three groups: growth, status quo, or negatively impacted. In order to propel your business forward, all three of these groups need a game plan as we continue to move through the economic changes.

Now, let me address the mental side of this for a second. You may have even been frozen during this time, afraid to make too many decisions. Why? Because what you normally based your decisions off, your frame of reference, the “normal rules of business” stopped being normal. If that happened to you, know that you are not alone. In today’s episode I’m challenging you to do two things:
First, forgive yourself if you have been paralyzed and inactive in your business during this time. When we are used to trusting our gut and then feel like we can’t, that is a hard emotion to overcome. Self-doubt is powerful. So be kind to yourself right now. At this moment, forgive yourself if that’s the place you have been in. Once you do that, you can move out of it!

Second, what is your recovery game plan? Now that you are in the right frame of mind, sit down today and create your recovery game plan for your business. We know that nothing will ever be as it was, but now knowing that you must find the answer to the following question: what do you need to do to find your customer and put your product or service in front of them so they can benefit? Today is the day to take action in creating your plan. Do not delay. Will there be more changes coming? Of course. But if you create a strategy or a game plan and map all of it out, when something does change you simply go back to your plan, make an adjustment, and then keep moving forward.
Last but not least, once you have your plan, take action!