You have your vision map and your next step map. You have your recovery game plan. Now you need to pivot your message!

In a previous episode, I challenged you to find your customers where they are, then speak to them based on your offer. This episode focuses on the fact that you need to pivot your message for today’s world. Your customers are still there. Your product or service is still needed. However, customers may simply not realize it or understand the benefit you will provide. So, share a new offer or voice, a new message that considers what is happening in the world. No scare tactics. That won’t work. But an honest message about how your service or product will truly help your customer or client.

If you aren’t sure where to start or just want another perspective, I listened to a webinar yesterday that hosted a copywriter, Ashlyn Carter of Check her out. She has some great content and she will get your brain going down the right path.

Today’s challenge is for you to craft and update your message. Align it with your new recovery plan to ensure your plan comes to fruition.