Running and owning a business is lonely, which is why you have to be purposeful about your circle. 

We all need a group of people we can turn to for feedback, answers, ideas, and celebration. We know that our families love us and our friends are happy for us, but until they are in business themselves, they haven’t walked a mile in your shoes, right?  But how do you find your circle? 

You can network.  There are large numbers of live networking events within each town, put on by the Chamber of Commerce.  You can find similar groups on Facebook and join those.   Now, many people love this and enjoy networking and connecting with others in a live environment. They don’t mind talking, putting themselves out there and trying to build a relationship. If this is you, follow this path. 

For others, what I just described sounds like walking through a haunted house; people jumping out at you without warning, smiling big smiles, shaking hands, and wanting to know all about you. For those individuals, networking is terrifying or simply goes against their personality. If this is you, buying your way into a mastermind is perfectly acceptable. There are tons of groups out there that you can pay to join. 

The point is not how you create or find your circle, but that you do it. And once you find your group, you contribute. You must ask questions and answer questions. The value of your circle comes from the interactions you participate in. 

My challenge for you today is to find your circle if you don’t have one, or if you are in a circle, participate more. Be purposeful about your circle.