Today is May 1st, which means you need to assess April’s results to improve your game plan. April was the first full month our businesses went through the remote work/stay-at-home orders. Schedule time to review your financials, customer feedback, volume, advertising results, etc.

Now, many people are going to say that April was an anomaly and they will write it off in their minds as such and move forward. Do not be one of those people! Your April results, the actions you took or did not take, will help you determine how to move forward in May and beyond. Said differently, April will tell you just how successful your recovery game plan is going to be.

People still aren’t feeling safe. Many states still have stay-at-home orders in place. Even when they are lifted, I firmly believe that many people will be slow to go “back to normal.” Knowing this, what did you learn in April and how do you carry that forward into May? Going one step further, not just how do you carry it forward, but how do you start testing it to validate your ideas and start to see business growth as a result? Then, decide how you adjust your recovery game plan relative to your learnings.

My challenge for you today is to commit to spending at least one hour looking at all of your April performance data. Use the AIR2 Framework and start testing your resolutions. We have just started the month of May. Don’t wait until May 15th to sit down, assess April, and take action. Time is one of your most valuable commodities, if not the most valuable. Review and take action. Assess April’s results to improve your game plan by testing your lessons learned in May.