Yesterday I spent time listening to some training, some podcasts, and some live webinars learning more so that I could be more and do more in Legend. Did you know that you can grow your business by knowing yourself? I think maybe I knew that on the surface, but after I spent time yesterday doing the Love-Hate Matrix by Grace Lever, it became a true reality for me.

The Love-Hate Matrix is an exercise whereby you list all of the functions, tasks, execution points, etc. that exist in your business. Then you place all of those items on a grid depending upon if you are good/bad at the task as well as if you like/hate doing it. Once you map this out, it becomes abundantly clear, the areas in your business that are not getting the attention or level of execution they deserve. In other words, grow your business by knowing yourself! You cannot be the rate-limiting step, either due to a lack of desire or skill. If you want your business to be successful, and we all want that, we have to overcome these limitations.

Today, take the time to make your list and create your grid. What should you positions do you need to hire, outsource, or up-skill within your team to grow your business?