Did you know you can push past frustration with a list? While you have been hanging in like a champ, pushing through and making it happen in business and in life, no doubt there may be a little frustration and exhaustion setting in at this point. You may be asking yourself, “Is this ever going to end?” You have been working, cooking, cleaning, teaching, leading, remodeling the house, landscaping, serving others, and the list goes on. So no doubt you may be a little frustrated and/or exhausted! 

If you are in this space right now, allow yourself to be human today. Many times we push ourselves to ignore those emotions. We feel like they are emotions that prevent us from succeeding, so instead of feeling them and working through them, we push them out of our minds.  If you are frustrated, mentally exhausted, or simply need a break, it is ok to feel those emotions today. But not only are you going to feel them, but I also want you to work through them. 

Make a list of all of the things you have learned from March until May. What have you learned about yourself, your family, your business, the world, humanity, cooking, gardening, walking, healthcare, the environment, etc.? Nothing is too small to put on the list. Everything that comes into your mind while brainstorming goes on the list. Spend about 30 minutes reflecting and making your list today. 

Then, after you have made your list, take an hour or more to get away from everyone (ask your spouse to watch the kids), and go spend some time alone. You may have started out in a negative place today, but once you have the list, you have changed your mindset from frustration to appreciation. Then the hour or more away will allow you to further reflect on your learnings and simply rest. 

If you are in a tough spot today, feeling like people continue to ask something of you and that you have very little left to give, let’s change your mindset and take a little break. You can push past frustration with your list and then come back ready to be the business owner, leader, entrepreneur, spouse, parent, friend, etc, you want to be.