Did you know you can cut through information overload by selecting your mentors? Right now, I need to cut through what about you? My inbox has been blowing up these past few weeks with free webinars, classes, etc. Because of all of this free and valuable information, I have been trying to find a way to eliminate the noise and determine who I need to listen to at this point. It’s the balance of not wanting to miss a valuable piece of advice that could help you solve a business problem versus being frozen because you are getting 10 pieces of advice and you don’t know which one to listen to first.

Luckily for me, and you, Amy Porterfield did a recent podcast episode on selecting your mentors. This was perfect timing for me because it definitely helped me eliminate information overload so let me share it with you so you can do the same. She said a few key things:

  1. You shouldn’t have more than 3 mentors or it will stunt your business growth. This resonated with me because that’s exactly what I was afraid of. Too many pieces of advice and I can’t decide which one to listen to first.
  2. You need to make a list of all of the people you are following. I would add to it the people you are considering following. If you are considering them as potential mentors, add them. so you can do a full consideration.
  3. Find the people on your list that have created the business and life you want to create. I would also add find the people that teach in the way you learn. In order words, this is now your lens to look through to determine who you should be following. Very simple, three criteria to consider. Do they meet all 3 for you, if yes, do they stay on the list?
  4. Eliminate the rest that doesn’t meet that criteria and those are your mentors. I would tell you that if you have more than 3 still on the list, decide who your mentors will be this year based on where you are in your business and your personal growth. You can rotate them out once you take yourself to the next level. Whatever works for you in order to get your list down to 3 is the ultimate point.
  5. This last point was super important and yet super obvious. Amy said once you have selected your 3, listen to them! Let their guidance actually guide you. Lightbulb moment, right? There’s no need to freeze and question and wonder if you should do what they are recommending at this point. You have already done this exercise to help you confirm why you should follow them and have confirmed that they are your mentor. The doubt has been eliminated. So now listen to them and get to work!

    This was super helpful for me. I expect it will be for you too! If you are being bombarded by great advice but are unsure of who to follow or listen to, cut through information overload by selecting your mentors. Set the time aside today and then spend that time deciding who your mentors are so you can listen and take action on their guidance.