I have a challenge for you right out of the gate here.  Today I want you to celebrate all of the women who have influenced you and your life. Yes, I’m not waiting until the end of the episode to give you a challenge, because today I have several challenges and you have to get past this challenge to get to the others. 

Challenge #1: Instead of simply celebrating women who have, in any capacity, raised a child or raised you, I want you to celebrate the women who have influenced you. This year and beyond, Mother’s Day will be about celebrating women who have influenced all of us and who have made us who we are today. 

If you are like me, and I’m sure you are, you have had women in your life who have impacted you outside of just your mom. Now, let me be clear. My mom is amazing. She has encouraged me and supported me and loved me through life. And I am celebrating her today, probably just like you are celebrating your mom. But let’s not stop there! Who are other women in your life that influenced you, encouraged you, and supported you? Who are the women who gave you the advice you needed to get where you are, pushed you to not be like everyone else, and gave you the tough love when you needed it? 

Challenge #3: I also want you to make a second list. (See, lots of challenges today.) I want you to make a list of the women you have influenced, encouraged, challenged, and pushed forward. Who is on your list? These are the people who are celebrating you today, whether they reach out to you or not. 

Bonus Challenge: My bonus challenge for you today is this, if you’re not satisfied with your list of who you have influenced, spend the rest of the year changing that. Such that next year, Mother’s Day weekend of 2021, you pull all of those individuals together and you celebrate them and their growth.  Because essentially, you are celebrating you too!  

I wish all of you a very Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you for being amazing and making a difference in this world! To celebrate the women who have influenced you today.