Today’s episode is all about me being the little voice in the back of your head that reconfirms what you already know you need to do.  Yep, answering the question: how is your recovery game plan performing?  

You see, it’s the middle of May.  We all created our recovery game plans at the beginning of the month.  Why?  Because we will NOT fail!  We created our game plans and we got to work.  And at this point, we have 2 weeks worth of data to tell us how our plans are doing.  So today you should have time already booked on your calendar to review the results from the past two weeks; the internal business metrics as well as the customer satisfaction and feedback metrics.  

No doubt this is on your calendar and there would be no way you would prioritize anything above it, right?  😏  Well, just to be safe, let me be that little voice just a little bit longer.  

We have to ask the hard questions and we have to go one step further and find the answers.  That’s our role in our companies.  That’s what we own and that’s what we must do if we want to be successful.  We may have a lot of people who work for us but there is no one that truly owns the business and cares about it as we do.  In this business, we ask hard questions. We question every piece of every detail. Then we go one step further and we find the answers. 

We are going to find the answers to the tough questions because that’s where we know our success lies.  We already believe we are successful, we know it within ourselves.  Our mind is right. Now we have to take the action to deliver upon it.  Asking the tough questions and finding the answers to those questions is what separates us from the rest of the world.   We do the tough work because failure isn’t an option.  Not because failure is a bad thing, but because we are determined to rise above it and have successful businesses. We know the world needs our gifts, so we are going to strive to find the answers, to overcome the barriers, and get our gifts out there to the people who need us

So, now that I have jogged your memory, having been the little voice in the back of your head reconfirming what you already know, go get it done.  Go do what sets you apart. Ask the questions. Find the answers. Then answer the question: how is your recovery game plan performing?  Based on the answers, keep what is working, adjust what isn’t.  Be agile. Do all of those things. Keep pushing. You will be successful. You already are!

Be Legendary!