I have to be honest, lately, I have felt a little stuck when it comes to my business.  To me, being stuck means knowing I need to push past something but just not quite able to do it.  This episode is focused on getting unstuck in your business.  My goal is to share with you how I get stuck and the actions I am taking to get “unstuck” such that maybe you can do the same.

So what am I stuck on?  It’s the tactical work for me, not strategic work.  I can spend hours on end brainstorming and problem-solving within my business and with clients.  I love it and I thrive on those pieces of the business.  Tactical work to me are things like copywriting and advertising.  Yes, you have heard me say it a thousand times, but it’s true.

I’m not a fan of copywriting.  Or creating advertisements.  I don’t feel like either of those aspects of the business are pieces that I am gifted at.  So I tell myself I can’t and then I avoid them.  But when it comes down to it, I’m not being honest with myself.  I am limiting my ability and I am causing myself to get stuck because of my mindset.

I tell myself things like, “Katrina you don’t know how to write, much less adjust your voice to your audience and get action out of an email you send.”  Do you see that?  Three things I have told myself I can’t do.  So what has happened?  I’m frozen.  I’m stuck.  Because my mindset is wrong.  So how have I overcome this one recently?

I have to tell myself the truth.  These words, are not the truth.  I simply have to look back on my life, both personally and professionally, to remind myself that I am being less than honest.  

When I was in pharmacy school I worked for GlaxoSmithKline as an intern and then as a consultant. My job was to take clinical trial information and write abstracts and posters for physicians who wanted to present their clinical trial data at various conferences.  I helped publish, and therefore was published myself, over 20 posters.  20 posters!  Seriously?  And I am telling myself I can’t write.  Come on!

Then I told myself that I can’t adjust my voice to mirror my audience.  Not true.  As a pharmacist, I had to listen to patients and adjust my response to their needs.  I couldn’t speak to them “like a pharmacist” I had to speak to them and educate them based on their level of understanding and need. I also toured hundreds of stores in my career, meeting and building connections with employees.  To do that, I had to adjust my messaging, my tone, and my approach to each person on the fly.  So of course I can adjust my voice to mirror my audience.  I’ve done it.

And last but not least, I have told myself that I can’t get action out of emails that I have sent.  Hello!  I have led multiple teams throughout my career.  I have given direction, set expectations, provided motivation, and generated action from thousands of emails.  I.  Have.  Done.  This.

So by looking back at my life and eliminating the lies I have told myself by remembering my truth, I can adjust my mindset. The next step is to look at the skillset.  I have already proven through experience that I have the skillset to write.  But let’s say I didn’t, at this point I would go and find a coach or take an online course on copywriting. And as an aside, I’m opting into tons of copywriting tools and training just to further build my skills and confidence.

So, that’s how I am getting unstuck in my business.  Are you stuck? Are you addressing your mindset and then closing any skillset gaps?  Doing this will move you forward.

Be Legendary!