This is episode 1 in this mini-series focusing on how to successfully take over a new team, hit the ground running, align everyone, and have some quick but permanent wins.  Today’s episode focuses on introducing yourself.

Now, I’m sure you know how to introduce yourself.  “Hi, my name is Katrina and I’ll be your coach today.” 🤦🏻‍♀️  

But no, that’s not the introduction I’m talking about here.  Whether you are creating a brand new team at a rapid pace or taking over an established team, your entire goal out of the gate is to build trust.  If they don’t trust you, you won’t be successful. The faster you build trust, the faster you get business results. It truly does start with how you introduce yourself.

The goal of your introduction is not to focus on your work history.  Either you went through an interview, they went through an interview, or they know you from other roles in the organization.  No matter which one of these applies to you, the point is that they know your work history most likely.  This is probably all that they really do know about you.  But today’s introduction isn’t about your work experience. Today is the day you are going to become human in their eyes.  And they need to see you as a human so they can trust you.  

In this introduction, you are focused on helping them understand who you are, what you stand for, and what matters most to you.  

First, share with them whatever you feel comfortable sharing about yourself as a person.  It has to be more personal than work experience, but you can’t share so much that it takes you outside of your comfort zone.  They need to get to know you and your brand through this conversation.  So if you feel comfortable talking about a spouse, kids, pets, the school you went to, the music you listen to, overall family dynamics, etc. then share it.  Whatever you share will help them connect with you on a personal level.  

This is critically important because you want them to be able to identify with you and find something you have in common. Why?  Because then you are human and when you are human and there is a connection.  When there is a connection, this becomes the foundation of trust.  And again, that’s the point!

After you introduce yourself as a person, then tell them how you make decisions as a leader.  This is important.  They need to know the lenses you look through and the judgment you use to guide the decisions you make and therefore the action you will be taking/asking them to take. They need to know this so again, they can start trusting you. When you tell them directly: “Here is how I make decisions.  I use two key elements to guide my thoughts and the path I will take us down,” and then you tell them the two and why they are important to you.  

BOOM!  You eliminated fear and filled the knowledge void that existed in their minds.  Now they don’t have to wonder what hair-brained idea you are going to present to them tomorrow.  They know how you think.  No guesswork.  No surprises.

The last piece you will cover in your introduction is to tell them 3-5 things you stand for as a leader.   Tell them your brand.  Tell them what matters most to you and what they will see you continually focus on in your leadership.  Again, it’s all about filling the void in their minds. No surprises.  Once they know these 3-5 things matter, many team members will start focusing on those 3-5 things from that point forward.  Now you just got some immediate traction too!

So, now you know a solid way to introduce yourself to your new team in a way that provides clarity, builds trust and starts to create momentum.  Your challenge today is to create a framework to use in the future when you are introducing yourself to a new team/member.

Be Legendary!