When I interact with potential new clients, friends, even family, just like you, I get asked “what do you do?”  I start talking about Legend Leaders and then I get the inevitable question: tell me more.  So today’s episode is to answer that question, what is Legend Leaders, what do you stand for, why do you exist, who do you help, etc.?   Tell me more.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s episode, Legend Leaders helps female business leaders become Legends by teaching them the business and leadership strategies they need in order to create and live a Legendary Life.

We believe every female leader is a Legend; someone other people admire for her success.  At Legend, we don’t define what success is, you do.  And once you define it, achieving that success allows you to live your Legendary Life. 

Everyone deserves to live their Legendary Life!  We only get one life so don’t waste it, right?  But many people are miserable, not living the life they want and even worse, not believing they have earned it or deserve it.  Why?  Because their inner villain is keeping them down.

The inner villain is a person living inside of us that works against us on a daily basis.  She whispers lies and plants seeds of doubt within us to cause us to delay, pause, or freeze.  She wants us to believe that because we don’t have all of the answers, we don’t deserve a Legendary Life.  She starts to ask questions like “Who do you think you are?  Why did you think you could have this impact or get this life?”  And we believe her!

But here is the thing, you CAN defeat her.  The entire reason she is taking over your thoughts is that your business isn’t where you want it to be.  Your business is what is taking up your extra time, giving you extra stress, causing the worry and the doubt that fuels the inner villain.  If we solve for that, you silence the villain and you create your Legendary Life.   You just need a guide.

That’s where Legend Leaders comes in.  You get to benefit from my 14-years of business experience, knowing that I too have been where you are.  I have had those “crying in the shower” moments where you simply feel broken and have no answers.  I have overcome them and you can too!

In order to be a Legend and get the life you deserve, you have to take action.  If you do that, you will have an impact on the world that only you can have, you will have a business that you are proud of, and you will have the life you have always wanted.  Legend will help you create a solid plan of action to help you confidently move forward.

Without action in your business, you will have regrets (coulda, shoulda, woulda), you will miss out on the life that you were created to live, and the world will not benefit from the talents you have within you.  Who wants to live like that?  

Our goal is to help you build and strengthen your armor.  We know each day you are fighting your own personal villain.  So Legend Leaders is here to be a community, a resource, and a place to help us grow stronger together.  

It’s the main reason that I show up each day to give you a new podcast episode.  To help you build and strengthen your armor.  Because you’ve got this. Your journey is 100% yours, but we are here to help you win.   We are here to remind you that you are a Legend.  We want you to know you deserve that Legendary Life and you WILL get there.

Be Legendary!