Have you ever been to the doctor’s office, and the first time you go in they actually can’t help you with anything. It’s like the obHave you ever been to the doctor’s office, and the first time you go in they actually can’t help you with anything? It’s like the obligatory “office visit” before they can do a scan or an ultrasound or whatever you actually need.  Are you doing that to your clients too? We have to move away from being like that in today’s business world; we have to add value in the first client interaction.

I have a mild heart murmur.  It hereditary runs in my family.  I won’t bore you with the technical terms or medical details.  But the bottom line is that I have to go every 2-3 years to have an echocardiogram.  The last time I had one done, I lived in a different state, which isn’t new for me.  I lived in 5 different states during my corporate career.  So I am pretty used to having to find new doctors, dentists, etc.  While that is fairly painful and cumbersome, the worse part is that first office visit. It exists simply to have me give them the full download of my medical history so they can listen to my heart and say, “Yep, you do have a murmur, let’s schedule your echo.”   Well, duh!  🙄

Now, put yourself in the shoes of your client or customer.  Is this how they feel each time they interact with you or your business the first time?  I thought through this and realized that’s not what I want Legend to be known for. I want my clients to feel like I am giving them so much value, that they always walk away feeling supported and just a bit stronger in fighting their villain.  

So I took a few actions recently and I am going to share those with you and encourage you to think about how you might do the same.  

The first thing I did was change the name of my consult call.  Who likes the word “consult?”  No one.  It sounds too formal and stuffy, almost like an interview.  I changed the name to the AIR2 Framework Health Check.  Sounds better right?  If I am going to help you create and live your Legendary Life, by helping you get your business humming, we need to do a health check on your business. And the process I do that is, of course, my AIR2 Framework. 

The second thing I am doing is giving a free, personalized AIR2 Framework Game Plan to the person at the end of the call.  I want to give some immediate value.  On the call we are going to talk about your business, what is frustrating you, holding you back, or just doesn’t seem right.  So I want to give you a game plan to help you.  Whether you decide to work with me or not, that isn’t the point, and that’s where a lot of people get hung up.   If I can give you something to help you fight your inner villain and get you on the path to living the life you deserve, that’s what matters most to me. 

I know that not every call will result in a relationship that is a good fit.  So instead of worrying about that, or trying to withhold information that doesn’t help me “get a sale every time,” I would prefer instead to focus on adding value in the first client interaction, right out of the gate.  It’s about spreading goodwill, sharing my gift, and helping the community of female leaders get stronger and stronger.  And you know just as well as I do, if I have a call with someone and she simply can’t join Legend in that moment, she’s going to stay in touch.  I’m going to continue to pour into her and everyone else.  And one day, she is going to be able to join and if nothing else, she is going to tell her friends and colleagues about Legend.  

So think about that.  Ask yourself if you are adding value in the first client interaction in your business.  If not, what can you change so your brand is known for overdelivering from the start?

Be Legendary!