Do you know your business?  Did you know you need to know your business in order to live your best life?  It’s true.  In order to live the Legendary Life you deserve, you have to know the ins and outs of your business.

I have seen business leaders go from knowing every single aspect of their business to being out of touch in a matter of months.  For some, it’s a cycle.  They get bored with business when there are no new projects or initiatives but once something new comes along, they can tell you every aspect of every decimal that exists.  

I can’t do that.  I like to be plugged in and into the details at all times.  Not because I don’t trust my team, not because I feel like I can’t unplug, but because to me, living a Legendary Life includes Legend, it includes my business.

Most people believe that their business is a way to afford the life they want, and that’s about it.  In other words, the business is good for the revenue and the financial rewards but doesn’t serve any other purpose.   Those are the people that go into business for the monetary aspects alone.  

For me, that’s not why I started Legend.  I truly believe in helping others.  I truly believe that living my best life includes me sharing my gifts and helping other people.  In order to do that, Legend has to be running well.  If it isn’t, I can’t live my best life.  It’s that simple.

While most people want to get away from their business and consider that their best life, know that if you have a business you are passionate about, that drives you and motivates you, that fulfills you, it isn’t a chore to know your business.  You find instead that you are motivated to know your business because you have to in order to live the life you want to live.  They go hand in hand.

My challenge for you today is to ask yourself several questions and answer them honestly.  Do you truly know your business?  Can you change your mindset in order to tie your personal fulfillment and live your best life with running your business?  Realize that if you can make your business part of living your best life, your Legendary Life, it no longer becomes a chore to stay engaged. 

Be Legendary!