In this episode, I’m challenging you to boss up.  Boss up and silence your villain.  We all have our own villains inside of us that whisper in our ears and make us feel so unworthy like we will never achieve our goals.  It’s time to shut her down.  

When we start to let our villain whisper about one decision we are struggling with or one situation we can’t solve, she then starts to whisper about a second, a third, and a fourth.  Pretty soon she has us doubting any action we are going to take or any goal we want to achieve.  Today you are saying “Not happening, Villain!”  We have to boss up.

Realize this, the reason your villain starts whispering in your ear is because you are facing a new situation.  And I am going to say this on repeat from now until eternity because it’s true.  It’s like this:

When you moved from Algebra to Calculus, would you have been able to do Calculus without learning Algebra first?  No.  There’s a reason that you learn those levels of math sequentially.   If you jumped from basic math to Calculus, would you think, “I’m just completely incapable of doing math?”  No.  You know you are capable of doing math.  But very quickly you realize that you hadn’t learned the math facts that would bridge the gap between your current knowledge to then allow you to learn how to quickly do Calculus.  

So why is it that we allow the villain to make us feel like we are incapable of being a good leader when we face something new in our business?  Just because we aren’t learning leadership and business skills in school doesn’t mean the same facts still apply.  You are 100% capable of solving the problem and achieving your goal, you simply need to bridge the gap between what you already know about business and the decision you need to make.  You just need to learn!

Don’t let the villain tell you you are a failure or that you are unworthy of the goals or the life you want, simply because you have to learn something new.  Learning is the exciting part of life!  Embrace it.  Enjoy it.  Acknowledge that you can solve the problems.  You are capable and worthy and smart.  You are deserving.  Boss up and silence your villain.  

If you are facing a situation right now where your villain is trying to tell you “you just aren’t capable,” shut her down.  Again, boss up and silence your villain.  Tell yourself right now that no one knows everything, but that you are capable of learning what you don’t know and you will overcome and achieve.  You can do this!

Be Legendary!