What do your brand and your customer have in common?  In your customer’s personal “story,” their life story, your brand plays a part.  The part your brand plays in their story is critical in developing a successful relationship.

Donald Miller of StoryBrand says there are 3 types of characters in every story, be it a movie, a book, our brand, or our lives.  The hero, or who we see ourselves as and what we strive to be each day; the guide, who has knowledge and experience which she uses to help the hero succeed; and last but not least, the victim.

Of all of the roles we want our brand to play, the victim is the very last role we want to align ourselves with. The victim says “the world is conspiring against me.”  In other words, the victim is not in control of his or her life, decisions, or results.  Because they don’t take or accept control, they cannot get results or change course.  

We do not want our brands to be identified as a victim.  We don’t want our “hero” clients, remember we all are the hero in our own story, to have to come in and “save our brand.”  Does the hero get to be a hero?  Yes, but in this instance with our brand as a victim, they are only a hero because your client or customer did the saving. Once that saving has been done, they will move on.  You don’t want your customer to be a one-and-done.  You need to create a sustainable business.

Additionally, you don’t want customers coming to your business that are victims.  Again, they cannot control the outcomes, they are controlled by the world around them.  This is a group that you will never please because they don’t accept responsibility for their actions or even own the fact that they have a responsibility.  They are the type of people that gives up before they even get started. 

The role you want your brand to play is the guide.  You want to help your clients be the hero in their own story, but you want to continue to guide them and help them continually, along the way.    Branding your business as a “guide” will attract hero customers.

If you create a brand that focuses on being the hero, first, other heroes don’t want to follow that brand.  They want to be their own hero, they don’t want you to save them from their lives and their story. So that won’t work. You will instead attract people who need heroes, victims.   And your brand will spend eternity trying to save and please those people who are never satisfied.  

If you are attracting those types of clients right now, look at your brand.  What are you telling the world you are?  If you are presenting any type of brand other than being a guide, take action to fix it.

Be Legendary!