I was listening to a webinar the other day provided by Geoff Woods, focusing on the book The ONE Thing.  The webinar shared a lot of different nuggets found in the book, but one of the questions the presenter asked was:  What life-shaking event has caused you to change?  When I heard that, I paused.  Why would you need something significant to cause you to change?  Why not make a change when you feel the tremor instead of waiting for the earthquake?

Many people have events that occur in their lives that make them pause, assess, and change course.  Usually, those events involve significant loss or a sudden realization for which they have regrets.  

I decided to start Legend after realizing I could help other women run their businesses; that I have obligation to share my gift with them and support them.  I had to make a change in my life because I felt the tremor.  I didn’t wait for the earthquake.  I didn’t wait to live with the regret of not taking this chance or not changing my path.

We can all look at situations like our aging parents and realize we want to spend more time with them before it’s too late.  Or spend time with our kids before they grow up and go off to college.  All of these things are basic life events.  And we know each one of them will inevitably happen.  We will all have our loved ones pass away or grow up.  This acknowledgment that “this part of life” is going to happen is the tremor.

We in that moment, realize that if we don’t make changes if we don’t adjust our course, will have regrets.  Don’t want for the kids to be gone or a loved one to pass away before you change.  You know it’s going to happen!

So my challenge for you is, don’t wait for a significant event in your life before you make a change.   Look at what you want out of life and decide you won’t have regrets.  Make the changes you need to make in order to prevent the need to make the change that would be too late in many instances.

Make the change when you feel the tremor instead of waiting for the earthquake.

What do you want out of life?  What do you know will inevitability happen, such that before it does you live your best life, your Legendary Life?  Make those changes now.  No regrets.

Be Legendary!