We talk regularly about how to get results.  We also talk about how we must be intentional, purposeful in our planning.  Today’s episode takes another step deeper into the conversation of intentional vs. accidental results.

We want our business results to be intentional.  We wake up each day, set a foundation, create a strategy, and work diligently to build a brand that generates consistent measurable results.  Intentional results are those that can be replicated, sustained, and built upon.

Conversely, accidental results are results that happen due to luck.  Think of these results as the lottery winner.  They happen once, for no apparent reason, can’t be sustained or replicated, and therefore essentially are a one-hit-wonder.

None of us are in business leadership positions to be one-hit wonders.   Ultimately we want to continue to see sustained revenue generated from our business.  We need it in order to thrive.  Additionally, we created our business as part of our Legendary Life.  How then can a lottery-winning day, an accidental, fluke performance, help us live our Legendary Life each day?  

While most people will say they would love to hit the lottery and accidentally become a success overnight, realize this, even businesses who look like overnight successes are not.  They have spent months, years even, laying the foundation and creating the strategy. They did all of this work to be able to capitalize on meeting a need society didn’t know they had until now.

Think Facebook.   As we all know, they are a social media platform.  They started as a social media entity and they are still a social media entity today.  When the world decided to adopt social media and therefore Facebook exploded, it may appear accidental but it wasn’t.  Facebook met a need and it did so through a carefully planned, developed, strategic business and advertising model.  Facebook has evolved but through it all, they are still a social media platform. 

How do you create an intentional foundation, strategy, and plan such that when society is ready for your offer, you can capitalize and get the results you intentionally planned to achieve?

Be Legendary!