As I have mentioned in previous episodes, I have been listening to the free summer webinar series by Gravy and recently they had Susie Moore as the guest.  She focuses on helping leaders build their confidence, amongst other things.  You know me, I join every conversation, webinar, podcast, book, etc. with the intention of learning at least one thing.  I know I can learn at least one “something” from every conversation, I just have to be open to it.  When I entered into learning from Susie during the webinar, she dropped some great information.  But one thing she said resonated with me the most, and it started with the fact that you don’t have to know it all.

Susie said:  You don’t have to know it all, but once you learn it, you must take action.  No regrets.”

Mic drop. 🎤   I loved it.  This is exactly how I feel, exactly how I live my life, and exactly how I guide my clients.  

Our inner villain wants us to feel like we are failures because we don’t know it all.  Now, what we do know, through previous episodes, is that simply is not the case.   There is nothing wrong with not having all of the answers.  None of us have all of the answers! 

The key though, is that once we close that knowledge gap, we have a responsibility to act on it.  Why gain the knowledge if you aren’t going to use it?  It’s like taking pilot lessons but never flying a plane.  What was the point of gaining that knowledge if you don’t actually use it?

Yet, that’s what I see people doing.  When they finally push through the barrier in their minds their villain has created and they start to learn what they need in order to move forward, they learn it, but they don’t apply it.  🤯

It’s insanity to me.  We do have a responsibility to take action.  We can want to change or move forward for days, weeks, months.  But it doesn’t take that long to make a decision,  it takes a second to decide.  Once you decide you are taking action, that’s the moment your life changes.

If you don’t want to live with regrets, another topic we have talked about recently, don’t beat yourself up for not having all of the answers; however, once you get those answers, do something with them!  Make your business better, make your life better!  Don’t live with the regret of having the ability to improve or change and simply saying, “Nah, I’m good.”

Think about this today.  Do you have the knowledge you need to change your life?   If you don’t, get it.  If you do, are you acting on it?  Are you using it to create your Legendary Life?  If not, what are you waiting for?

Be Legendary!