As we continue to face unprecedented changes in the world and in business, our villain will be the first to tell us we simply don’t have what it takes and that our business is going to fail.  Don’t let her distract you.  Remember, continue to focus on serving.

It’s easy to stress about our businesses, the idea that we have poured ourselves into something and that it may not work.  We stress because we don’t have the experiences in the changing world to solve all of the problems we are facing.  Our thoughts spiral and we lose focus.

Go back to what you know.  Go back to why you created your business in the first place.  If you focus on giving what your customer/client needs, the revenue will follow.  

Listen to your customer.  Ask them what they need.   Maybe they don’t need your product or your service now, but in this time of isolation, they need a community.  In the US in particular, we are 💯  a social society.  Going to games, concerts, shows, parties, etc.  With the pandemic, people are more isolated than ever.  You know this, you feel it too.

You have created a group of customers/clients that are all similar.  So why not bring them together?  Create a group, bring your people together, support them, give to them, and listen to them.  Find out what they need and provide it.  Help them get through this difficult time and they will remember how you have supported them.  Be the creator of their community and the revenue will come.

Legend Leaders has a community, a free but private Facebook group.   If you are a female business leader, I invite you to join us so we can pour into you.  You are welcome to steal shamelessly from what we are doing as well.

Be Legendary!