I was chatting with a friend and she asked the tough question, Katrina how do you start over?

Well, my first thought was at what?  Marriage?  With your kids?  Work?  There are a lot of places we can start over.  I can’t really help you with the personal relationships, so luckily she was talking about work.  I started to panic a bit . . . but no, it was about business. Whew.

The first thing I tell my clients, friends, even my family is that every day we wake up with a chance to be someone better; someone different.  Each day we can be better than we were the day before. 

That said, how do we start over in our business? The first step is to simply decide.  Decide you are going to start over. Decide you are going to be better than you were previously.  

Then commit to that decision.  Tony Robbins says it best.  You can take years wanting something and thing about changing, but it takes only a moment to decide and commit.  And at that moment, you change.  

The reason it takes days, weeks, even years to change is because our villain tells us we can’t.  That little piece of self-doubt inside of us can delay our progress and make us waste all of that time.  So ultimately what you are doing is pushing past your villain when you decide and commit.  

Next, you must learn what you need to learn.  If you want to start over and be a better leader to your team for example, what do you need to learn to help you achieve that?  Seek those learnings and those internal growth tools. 

Once you learn how to be a better leader, or you learn what you need to do in order to start over, take action!  Do something.  So many people get e-books and courses to then never apply what they have learned.  Don’t decide, commit, and learn but then not take action.  

Last but not least, create goals or targets to define when you have achieved your change or your growth.  If it’s leadership, maybe you do regular feedback surveys and you establish a target relative to the improved feedback you are getting from your team.  Measure your change.

Now, the other pathway we can go down here is t actually start completely over in starting a brand new business.  That’s a completely different topic.  That requires finding something you are passionate about and creating a brand new pathway.  You can do that too, it’s the same overall steps we have just covered.  But for this episode, let’s focus on starting over in our current business.

Be Legendary!