If you are like most of us, you ask yourself that question off and on for . . . oh let’s say once a week, right?  The question I am referring to is: am I strategic?

You see, when we think about being strategic we think we have to speak in business language.  A language that, no matter our education or life experiences, can be intimidating.  Whether you have an MBA or you have been responsible for a billion-dollar business, when it comes to running your own business, the stakes are different.

When all of it is yours, the business, the results, and the responsibility, the villain wants to tell us we can’t do it.   In those moments, our education and experience start to leave us.  

So instead of worrying about the right words, terms, or phrases, look at creating your strategy like fighting a battle.  Yes, that’s right.  I’m a huge history fan, WWII is my favorite period, and I enjoy learning about battles, missions, and the overall war.

So for me, instead of getting stressed out about “creating a strategy” that fits the ideal definition in my mind, I just look at it as a battle.

–What town am I trying to liberate and take control over?  (What is my focus, what am I trying to accomplish in my business?)

–Who am I trying to help?  (Who is my customer and what do they need?)

–What tools do I need to have in order to win?  (What products or services do I need to create?)

–What does victory look like?  (What are my goals and measures to define business success?)

And then ultimately, I have to take action.  I can’t wait for the perfect time, the perfect day, or the stars to align.   Just like in any war, it started on a day that was planned.  One side picked a date and said, “This is when we will attack.”  So pick your date.  When will you launch your strategy?

Train/prepare your teams.  Get them ready.  Get your tools ready.  Prepare for your “battle,” and then execute.

Just like any battle, it won’t be perfect.  You will learn things along the way that will help you win in the long run, if you are observant enough and if you allow yourself to adjust based on those learnings. 

So you see, when you view it as a battle instead of a “business strategy,” you are strategic.  You can be strategic.  Just get out of your own head and tell the villain to be quiet.  You’ve got this!

Be Legendary!