I get asked from time to time about the tools I use in Legend, specifically, what I use and why.  So I thought I would spend a few minutes creating this episode to answer that question.  Now, I recorded this while simply trying to think of all of the tools I use. If I left something out, or if you have a question about a tool, shoot me a note or join the Legend Leaders Facebook Group and come chat with us in there.

Here we go:

–I use Anchor for this podcast.  It’s free and it also publishes the podcast on Apple, Spotify, and Google. There are other platforms that Anchor connects to as well, I just haven’t gotten that far yet.

–Wordpress is the hosting platform I use for my website, www.legendleaders.com

–I use ClickFunnels to host my funnels and help get my courses and offerings in front of my ideal clients.

–Teachable is the online course hosting platform that I use.  It houses all of my courses and I enjoy it because it allows you to create completion certificates, quizzes, and you have the option to insure your clients follow the modules in order, allow them to jump around in the course, etc.  Lots of options and control features. 

–ActiveCampaign is my email marketing tool and small business CRM.  I use to use the free versions of other email marketing tools but they haven’t compared to ActiveCampaign.  I think of ActiveCampaign like an iPhone, it’s so intuitive it’s just super easy to use.

–Of course, I use Facebook for the Facebook ads and groups and pages.  All of the FB ad details are of course within Facebook in the ads manager. 

–Laurel Portie–if you want to learn about Facebook ads, super-fast, super easy, from a true expert check her out.  Her course is $7 a month.  You can’t beat it!

–Hopin–I haven’t used this as a host but I have as a participant.  This is a great platform to do virtual conferences and events.  I have been in four events hosted on Hopin and they have been amazing.  The software is super easy to use on both sides (host and participant) as the host in one event actually walked us through how to use it in a Q&A session.

–If I record my voice and need it transcribed I used Rev or Otter.ai.  It just depends on which one I grab first. 

–When I record myself on video, I have a Mevo camera that I use.  It’s super small but powerful.  It can connect directly to FB or can download the video on the micro card. You can then still Bluetooth download the final video to your phone.   It also moves with you, keeping you in the frame if you decide to move around in your shots.  Pretty cool.

–I have a Mac laptop, pretty simple.  A pro.

–To edit my videos and my voice recordings as needed I use ScreenFlow.  Just like ActiveCampaign, it’s super easy to use.

–I use Trello to keep myself on track with different projects and ideas.

–Basecamp is the communication and project management tool I use with my VA.

–Of course, I use Google Drive and G Suite for my email and my shared documents.

I think that’s mostly it.  If you think of something I left out or have a question, as I said, just shoot me a note or post it in the FB group.  

Be Legendary!