You are working your butt off.  You truly want to make a difference! You are putting out free content, building funnels, you have a webpage, you are paying for ads, and you are starting to build a following.  People start to take notice of what you are putting out there.  You are finally finding your clients, the people you want to support . . . you start to get excited.  Then, you do what we all do, you start to send out weekly campaigns, giving additional freebies and access to content.  You are loving on your people and then suddenly, you have someone unsubscribe.  😱  What?! But hear me out here, don’t get frustrated when people unsubscribe.

It’s going to be OK.  Seriously.  

I know it feels like you are in middle school again and you are trying to get the cool kids to like you and you think you are in, then suddenly one of them pulls out of the deal and you are like, “Wait, what just happened?  What did I do wrong?”  Or, it’s like high school and you are hanging out with your 3 best friends, the ones that you have known since elementary school.  Suddenly one of them just decides to start spending time with another group.  No notice.  No conversation, just poof, 💨 gone.

I get it.  When I have people unsubscribe, no matter how long they have been in my group, it’s hard not to look internally and ask how you failed or what you could have done better.  A little bit of that is our villain trying to get under our skin.  The other part of that is you want so very much to serve your people, your customers, the people you have created your business for.

But I’m here to tell you that you have to remember it isn’t you, many times it’s them.  They may not have ever been your target customer.  They may not be ready to take part in what you are offering.  Either way, they aren’t someone you want to get worked up over and get distracted because they left.

You have an entire group of hundreds, thousands even, of people that are there, reading your emails, taking you upon your free content, appreciating the love you are giving.  Following you and what you are teaching, doing, providing, so keep giving it!

If you are worried you aren’t giving the right information or support, ask your group.  Anytime you start to have several people start to leave at once, start inquiring as to what’s happening in the community, what their needs are, their worries or fears, etc.  Ask so you know what to give.  This ensures the person who unsubscribed is truly a one-off and not a sign of things to come, like a mass exodus due to something you are completely unaware of.

Don’t get frustrated when people unsubscribe.  It’s going to happen.  Think of them as your “no customers,” those that are interested in your services but that you would probably say no to help because they aren’t your ideal client/customer.  Change your mindset.  Then focus on the people who are still seeking what you have to offer.  Pour into them!

Be Legendary!