Do you have a good mentor?  If you don’t currently have a mentor, I’m sure you are working on finding your next one, so in this instance think back to your best mentor.  How did they support you?   I’m sure upon reflection you would say that the best mentors listen and ask questions.


Do you have that person in your mind?  Can you see them?  Do you remember your conversations?  Think back to one of the most critical ones.  I’m sure you called or went to meet them in person, and you shared their concern or a situation you needed help with.  And they probably cut you off, talking over you, and told you everything you needed to do, right?

No.  Absolutely not.  Your best mentor listened.  Your mentor took in everything you had to say, and then s/he asked you questions.  Question after question after question until you found the answer within you.  Ultimately, you knew the answer,  your mentor helped you have the confidence to make it real.

The best mentors listen and ask questions.  They are a guide.  They allow you to be the hero in your own story.   Of course, if you called them and asked how to do a tactical action, I’m sure they told you how they taught you.  But when it came to emotional and psychological decisions, they asked questions and supported you through it.

As you work to mentor your team, your employees in your company, or even in your community, what type of mentor do you want to be?   I would encourage you to be the best mentor someone else has ever had.  Listen and ask questions.  Help them find the answers within themselves.  Give them the courage to push past their villain and share their gift in confidence.  

Be Legendary!