As I have shared with you in other episodes, we all have an inner villain.  That villain is our voice within us that causes self-doubt.  Some of us have stronger villains than others.  It doesn’t make any of us better or worse, only the reality we each live with.  Each day we wake up, try diligently to silence our villain, then move forward solving the problems we are facing in the day to move ourselves and our business forward.  This episode is all about shutting down your villain.

For me, I have found a way to hear the creak of the door my villain hides behind.  When I hear the creak, I immediately focus on slamming that door closed before my villain can exit.  When I can do that, I spend less time fighting myself and more time problem-solving.

That’s what I want you to learn how to do.  If you can hear the creak of the door, you can immediately react.  Unfortunately, most people don’t know when the villain has made her way out.  When they finally realize it, the villain has been hanging out on the couch, drinking coffee, eating all of your snacks, and leaving a mess in every part of your house.  At that point, you have spent days cleaning up after your villain instead of focusing on the problems in front of you.

You have lost days and momentum all because you haven’t identified the situations that draw your villain out of her closet.  

Your challenge today is to sit down and reflect.  You need to focus on shutting down your villain. Look at the situations where your villain consistently comes back and challenges you, tells you you can’t accomplish something, tells you you don’t deserve something, etc.  When does that happen?   Identify the events, then start to listen to the creaking door of your villain exiting her closet.  When you hear it, slam it shut and then focus on the problem at hand.  

Be Legendary!