Adapt now to win, no matter the future changes that will happen to the industry or the world. That’s my challenge for you today.  I was listening to Tony Robbins the other day and he did a podcast on the 6 actions you need to take in order to win.  One of the key things he said was essential, don’t wait, adapt.

Tony went on to say how his life has changed with COVID and how it has impacted his business.  If you know anything about Tony, he’s constantly on the go, always traveling to different countries to do his workshops and his events.  So no doubt, his world changed. He talked through the fact that he could have waited, hoping that the countries would open up and would allow his events to move forward.  Or, he could adapt and say, “How can I still reach people, without being there in person?”  So of course, he started doing virtual events.   He didn’t wait, he adapted.

Now, we talked in both the months of April and in May about creating a recovery plan, making adjustments to your business, etc.   We said, don’t wait, adapt, right?  We said that then, because when issues happen in our business, we don’t avoid, we don’t wait, we respond.  But I wanted to remind you of this once again.

You see, I don’t think any of us thought that COVID would essentially blow up again in the US like it has this month.   And yet, it has.  You know, I remember people saying that it would die down in the warm months, etc.  But we can see that that hasn’t happened.  So all of the restaurant and bar owners who thought they would be back on track by now, or at least open again, are going through reclosures and some truly heartbreaking situations.

Don’t be in that situation.  Don’t wait, adapt now to win, no matter the future.  What these changes have taught me through this second wave is that we seriously don’t know much about what our future looks like.  So for us to plan on being open again, or operating as normal by a set date just can’t be banked on.  And when it comes to my business, I want to bank on it!  We all want and need that.

So instead of waiting to see what will happen, make the changes now.  How do you adjust today such that you take control over your business; such that no matter the changes that may happen in the world,  you still can serve your customer?  If you can solve that, then no matter what happens around you, you are safe. 

Figure that out for yourself.   Ask the hard questions.  But ultimately, find the answer you need to move forward safely, confidently, and securely in this ever-changing economy.

Be Legendary!