As I mentioned yesterday, I have been trying to catch up on some podcasts and some self-learning.  Yesterday I talked about Tony Robbins, today I am going to talk about Dean Graziosi.  He shared some information about comparing ourselves to others, and that’s what I want to talk about today.  Don’t compare yourself or your journey to anyone else.

Ultimately what Dean talked about, and I agree, is that we are all different.  We are all on different journeys.  I can’t compare mine to yours because I have a different path, I have different circumstances.  

Each of our journeys is different, even if we are trying to get to the same endpoint:  a successful business or career.   How we get there, what we define as “success,” and where we go from there, it can’t be compared.  

Now, I would add to this that when we compare, we also give fuel to our villain.  Remember that our inner villain looks for situations to tell us “we can’t, aren’t good enough, or aren’t deserving.”  So when you compare yourself to someone else, and you see that they are ahead of you, your villain (the part of yourself that causes doubt) will use that comparison to say,  “See, I told you you couldn’t do it.  Look, even that person is ahead of you.”  Or, “See, you knew you wouldn’t be able to move forward in this.  They are already making money and they started doing this 6 months after you started.”

Comparisons don’t serve us well, because usually, we won’t measure up.  But the entire point is that we aren’t supposed to!  Because each of us is on our own journey, there is no measure vs. someone else, only a measure within yourself.  

Look at other people and celebrate them.  Look at other people and steal shamelessly from how they are succeeding.  But don’t look at them and allow your villain to give you a hard time or tell you that you should simply give up because you won’t make it.    So many people quit because of comparisons.  So save yourself from that.  Just don’t do it.

Be Legendary!