I read this post the other day on Facebook, it said:  You’re not an imposter, you’re a beginner.  When I saw that my brain immediately went, “YES!”  This is what I tell my clients, just in a slightly different way:  You’re not an imposter, you’re up for the challenge.

Our inner villain wants to tell us that because we are starting something new, we are trying to fool other people into thinking we are “experts.”  Now, you and I both know that in reality, we aren’t trying to be something we aren’t.  But we are trying to do something new; become a better person, share our gifts with the world, etc.  But our villain wants us to think that if we don’t have all of the answers or we don’t have all of the information, that we are simply falsifying who we are to the world.

That’s not true though.

When you start something new, a business, a new position, even a new relationship, you aren’t saying you are anyone other than you.  Remember that, first and foremost.  You aren’t saying you are anything other than a person who cares, a person who has skillsets, and who has just shifted her mindset to be involved in this new adventure.

Beyond that, remember that in taking on this new adventure, you never said you had all of the answers.  That’s not at all what you are saying when you start going down this path.  You are simply saying, “I’m here to help, I’m up for the challenge.”  Up for the challenge means you are going to give the venture everything you’ve got.  You are going to listen, grow, stretch, learn, advise, support, help, guide, and collaborate. 

Can you do all of those things?  Absolutely! 

So are you an imposter? Of course not.  An imposter walks in the door saying, “I can do all things, I am all things, watch me do it,” and then can’t back it up.  You are saying none of those things.  You are saying, “I’m here to help, tell me more about what you need.”  Because you are learning!  

When your villain starts to tell you that you are an imposter, you are trying to be someone you are not, and/or you are struggling with feeling like you are making promises that you can’t keep, pull back and say to yourself “I’m saying I’m up for the challenge!” and go show that in your actions.

Be Legendary!

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