I have shared this mindset with you in previous episodes, but with everything happening around us, it begs the discussion once again.  Are you thinking like an optimistic realist?

Remember that we define this mindset as one where we are honest with ourselves about the gaps, problems, opportunities, whatever you want to call them, in our business.  We can’t make our businesses better, we can’t adapt to the changes, we can’t progress if we don’t have this mindset.  Why? Because this mindset is two-fold.

One, I know that I can find a solution to any problem.  I don’t have to be the change, I can find the change!  But no matter the solution, there is a solution out there and I can find it.

Second, in order to actually find a solution, I have to acknowledge that there is a problem. I have to be willing to be realistic about my business, the business world, etc.  I can’t put my head in the sand and pretend all is well.  I can’t weather the storm we are facing right now in the world if I refuse to acknowledge that there is indeed a storm.

I see many people, clients, friends, whoever acting like everything is going to be OK.  They have the optimistic part down, but they aren’t realistic about what is in front of them. The only way to survive the change is to embrace it.  To embrace it means you have to actually see it.   (It doesn’t mean you have to like or approve of it.)

Moving forward today, and beyond, I’m challenging you to maintain this optimistic realist mindset.  I want you to take your business and your team to the next level as we create our new normal. Acknowledge what that new normal is, realize your business may not be equipped to survive the change as is,  see those realizations as the problems that they are, and then optimistically charge forward, knowing that you can find the answer because know you know what you need to solve for.

Be Legendary!