I continue to connect via phone/video with friends, colleagues, family, clients, etc. throughout this social distancing period.  The one thing that I continue to see is people putting their heads down and working.  They are hustling.  Trying to get it done.  But they are going to a place of tasks, not a place of happiness.  In this ever-changing world, I’m challenging you today to do something that fulfills you.

As I said, I am constantly getting feedback where the people I know truly have intentions of breaking away, of doing something besides the routine task work, but they are getting further and further away from that mindset day after day.  Tunnel vision is setting in.  They can’t see anything in front of them beyond their to-do list.  It’s a race to get as much done in as much time as they have.  And what is happening, as a result, is that their ability to serve, their focus on their customer, the time they should be spending with family, it’s all lost.

Remember how we started this quarantine period celebrating the idea of more time with our families?  Now, either we have since come to realize that we don’t like our families, or, we need to stop cramming more into our days than can possibly get done, and go back to breathing more and appreciating the balance we allowed ourselves to feel at the beginning of all of this.

Create the balance.  You deserve to be fulfilled.  The entire point of why you took on the role you have, why you started the business you own if that’s your path, the reason for all of it is that you wanted to be happy.  There are things that you do in your position or in your company that leaves you feeling completely excited, and there is time spent with family, friends, and/or alone that leaves you feeling excited and fulfilled as well. Both are important.  

I did a Facebook Challenge last week and I will tell you.  I taught, I coached, and I helped some female business leaders take themselves to the next level.  I empowered them and helped them see themselves through a new lens.  I loved it!  I love coaching, teaching, inspiring, and moving people forward.  It fulfills me.  This week, I am spending more time with my family. So what can you do to fill your cup back up and re-energize yourself?  

I’m challenging you to get out of your to-do list and do something that fulfills you.  You deserve it!

Be Legendary!