You started the year strong.  You had a group of like-minded women around you to help you stay focused, listen to your concerns, share suggestions and ideas, and you were ready to knock out 2020.  Then, to everyone’s surprise, COVID hit.  Now you are questioning if the Inner Circle from January is still the same group.  Do you need a new inner circle?

The answer could actually be, yes.  Now, I know that we typically create inner circle groups, or masterminds to stand intact for 1-2 years.  It takes time to learn everyone, their businesses, to build trust, to find the value.  Finding “your people” is hard.  So to have another something change on you this year, to have potentially lost your sounding board and your voice of reason, that’s hard to deal with.  But it could be the case.

If your group has changed in that the bulk of the members are calling it quits in the business world.  Or, if they have the “wait and see” attitude, I would encourage you to find another group.

If the current group you are in is full of negativity and is trying to hold you back or tell you that you shouldn’t try to figure out how to adapt today in order to prosper in the future, I would absolutely encourage you to find another group.

In those instances, the people you have surrounded yourself with are no longer like-minded individuals.  Can you try to get them to see the bright side, can you encourage them to adapt, can you push them forward?  Absolutely.  If they are receptive to it.  But if they are not, you still need an inner circle. 

You still need a group of people who will challenge you, brainstorm with you, and provide a level of accountability across the group.  So go find that new group.

And remember, I’m not saying you can’t be friends with your current inner circle.  Being friends vs. being the group that helps you take your business to the next level, those are two different things.  So if you want to maintain a friendship, that’s totally fine. But you still need the group that will get you to the next level.

If you are struggling to find a group, join the free Legend Leaders Facebook group or shoot me a note and I will happily support you on your journey.

Be Legendary!