When I ask individuals how they run their business, execute a process, or simply get stuff done I have heard this same response off and on, “I just get it done” or “this is what I do.”  🤔  I don’t know that that’s the right answer, my friend.  You see, both action and documentation are needed in order to be successful.

You need to have a process around documenting SOPs.  Just because you do something, doesn’t mean that it can be replicated.  It’s the theory of being hit by a bus.  If you were hit by a bus tomorrow, would your business be able to continue down its current pathway, with everyone else in the company being able to consistently execute in the same way you did?  You hope you can answer yes.  But wouldn’t you much rather know you can answer yes?

To do that, you need standard operating procedures, or SOPs, which we have talked about before.  Documentation that outlines the best, most consistent, most efficient method of execution in your business.  Such that when/if you hire people onto your team, you can hand them the SOP and they can perform the function in the way you intend them to perform it.

Let me also say though that it isn’t all about documentation.  If you document all day but never take action, you are still not hitting the mark.  You see some people are action takers but don’t document.  Others document to death but never take action.  You want to be in the very middle of this, where you take action, refine your process, perfect it, then document it so it can be replicated.  

If I had to choose which pathway for you to start with, I would tell you to take action every single time.  The action gets results.  And results drive businesses forward.  You must take action, or you don’t have a business.  At the same time, without documentation, you won’t be able to grow and scale.  

So what’s today’s message?  Do both!  Action and documentation are needed to establish and grow a successful company.

Be Legendary!