I have recently talked about you being the anchor for your team, right?  How there are still a large number of unknowns in the minds and lives of our team and therefore we as leaders have to be their constant, their anchor.  The other action we must own and execute regularly with our teams is providing clarity around team goals and roles.

As you sit down and look at your business, what do you want to accomplish in the month of August?  What are your business goals?  Define them.  Write them down.  What does a successful August look like?  If you don’t know, your team definitely doesn’t know.  It falls on you to remove the fuzziness in your own mind, so you can provide a clear vision to your team.  

Once you define success for the month of August, work your way backward and define what you must achieve each week in order to deliver to the full month.  This is the clarity your team needs to receive from you.  

When you define what good looks like, each member of your team needs to clearly understand the goals you have established.  And then they need to understand their role in delivering to that goal.  

Let’s say one goal depends on 3 teams to contribute to delivering that overall success metric.  Each of those 3 teams needs to understand the goal you have established and what they are specifically responsible for relative to that goal.  What is their role in helping the company achieve that August goal?  

When we can provide clarity around a goal and the role a person plays in delivering to that goal, you have eliminated a gray area for them.  Success should be an open book test and you have provided exactly that.  This further solidifies their ability to perform in an ever-changing world.  

What is your goal for August?  What does good look like?  Which teams need to contribute to delivering to that goal?  What is each team’s role in the process?  Map it out. Then go share it with your team.  Follow up weekly and course-correct along the way to deliver to your goals.

Be Legendary!