Do you want to be a more effective and efficient leader?  Have you established your expected communication routines with your team?  If not, build a cadence of communication. 

You know that I regularly talk about communication as a part of your leadership. But I have watched leaders move forward with a team and hound them to death each day, asking for updates, wanting to know every detail on a new project, etc.  It’s completely inefficient on several fronts.

First, as a leader, you can’t bog yourself down by trying to “remember” to ask for updates.  Your brain needs to be focused on strategic initiatives, visionary work, etc. You must focus your brain on doing the work that only you can do.  But if you are constantly trying to remember to ask for this or get an update on that, you will never be able to focus on your most important work.

Additionally, if you are constantly messaging your team randomly for updates, they can’t focus on their work.  You are treating your team like an admin, a person who is waiting for your direction in order to respond to your needs.  Your team doesn’t exist to perform in that capacity. They are responsible for getting results.  If you treat them like an admin, they will never have time to move the business forward.  They will be frustrated, overwhelmed, and they will most likely end up leaving you and your company.  Why? Because they never have time to accomplish anything!

So create your communication routine.  Establish the updates you need in your touch bases. If there are projects, launches, etc. that are happening, you may need updates more frequently than this, and that’s your call. Establish it.  Talk with your direct report about what you need, why you need it, and establish the expectation.  Ask for the update in an email so you can get to it at any point during the day.  

Now you are more efficient, your team is more efficient, and you have the information you need without creating an environment of fires and inefficiencies.  

Be Legendary!